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  • We want to reduce our on-premises footprint, but we need help moving Exchange to the cloud
  • We need to store large amounts of data in the archives, can you help us move to unlimited archiving in the cloud
  • How dowe keep some mailboxes on-premises, and move the remaining mailboxes to the cloud.

Discover the Ease of Unified Communications:

Microsoft Exchange

  • Advanced antivirus and anti-spam capabilities keep email safe and secure
  • Push email, calendar or contacts to a wide variety of mobile devices
  • Ability to receive mp3s and text previews of voicemail massages in your inbox
  • Built-in email archiving eliminates need for additional service

Skype for Business

  • IM and Presence gives users real-time availability and improved instant messaging to help them connect more efficiently
  • Skype for Businessmakes it easy for users to create, moderate and join pre-planned or on-the-fly audio, video and web meetings with people inside and outside the organization
  • Skype for Businesswas built to work hand-in-hand with Microsoft Office for a consistent, familiar experience


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