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cách soi cầu đề_Skype for Business

The Challenges

  • My team needs a reliable communications and collaboration tool.
  • My team needs to be able to attend meetings from anywhere.
  • We need a conference and video chat solution.
  • We need to enable one platform for meetings, chat and voice.

What is Skype for Business?

Skype is at the heart ofMicrosoft’smodern communications strategy., enabling one platform for meeting andvideo.

Pillars to Skype strategy

  • Creating a complete meeting solution including Cloud PBX as part of the Modern Voice Initiative.
  • Enabling a consistent Skype experience across most devicesthroughcreating and making available core native applications for industry leading devices operating systems.
  • BuildingsolutionsthatempowerMicrosoftto fulfill customer requirements for procuring and configuring phone numbers and integration with legacy phone systems which creates an environment where hybrid solutions, legacy on-premises and cloud solutions can work together.

Key Values within work better and work easier

Cloud hosted meetings allow for both in person and remote attendanceenabling everyonetoattendregardless ofwhere they work. Traditional Skype meetings are limited to 250 users, but with Skype Broadcast you can reach up to 10,000 users at one time. The big difference is that broadcast meetingsaremore of a webcast vs team meeting format. Attendees can use any mobile device they need to attend Skype meetings and can either dial in or be conferenced in through PSTN Conferencing.Skype for business also includes the co-create feature which brings Office applications into a Skypemeeting,so attendees can co-authorand collaborate on that document in real-time.

Both Skype meeting broadcast and PSTN Dial-in conferencing areavailableworldwide.

Microsoft continues to invest in Skype for Business as the meeting and voicesolutionof the future, bringing down cost and continually adding new capabilities and richer experiences.

How can B2B help?

At B2B Technologies, we can

  • Review your current environment to determinehow best to implement Skype for Business in your organization.
  • Plan for and facilitate the implementation of Skype for Business in your organization.
  • Extend Skype for Business, via custom development, to fit your specificorganization’sneeds.








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