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The Challenges

  • We need a central repository for all our company’s documents and data that is accessible from anywhere and on any device.
  • We need our intranet’s rollout to go without a hitch and with no downtime.
  • Our users need fast and effective training on our new intranet, before it goes live.

If you plan to implement a system wide collaboration tool like Microsoft SharePoint, you should look to the industry’s leading experts to make sure your project is a success. B2B Technologies is one of those experts. We have been a Gold Certified Partner in Portals & Collaboration since our founding in 1998. We have every necessary skill to deliver a unified platform for your organization. In working with several clients, we have served as a liaison between IT and line of business units to translate the needs from one to the other and to maintain consistent quality throughout an implementation or upgrade project. With our vast knowledge in SharePoint, we have expanded to include cloud and hybrid implementations for those seeking innovative ways to reduce cost and maintain a robust portal system. Further, we have Microsoft Certified Trainers that can provide your power users with the most sought-after tips and tricks that can be spread throughout your user base to increase productivity and employee efficiency.


SharePoint Key Features

Give Employees the Best Productivity Experience

Offer your employees a solution that uses the familiar Microsoft Office interface
Cut down on training time while increasing adoption rate and productivity
Give them access to the information they need to work efficiently and effectively

Lower Costs with a Unified Infrastructure

Cut IT costs by consolidating your company intranet, extranet, and public website
House all content under one, easy-to-use platform
Freedom to choose on-premises, cloud or hybrid approach; allowing you to leverage any current IT investments

Designed to Fit Your Business Needs

Utilize the out-of-the box applications andas aplatform for customized solutions
Give your organization the freedom to customize as much or as little of your SharePoint environment as you need
Create solutions that work for your business and increase productivity and efficiency

How can B2B help?

At B2B Technologies, we can help with

Upgrading from SharePoint2007, 2010 or 2013
Migration to SharePoint Online
Migration from Google Sites and Google Drive
Business Process Automation and Workflows
Digital forms for desktop and mobile needs
Employee Portal
Vendor or Partner Extranets

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